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OCSP stands for the Online Certificate Status Protocol and is one way to validate a certificate status. English CopyNPaste Translations for Firefox This page shows the list of Files and Entities or Properties for every language where messages do not differ from English ones. This page updates every 30 minutes starting at 0 hours. Name Mismatch in Web Browser Security Certificate Errors The following warnings are presented when you access a website that has a security certificate installed that was issued to a domain other than the you accessed. 124, " The OCSP server has refused this request as unauthorized " }, { 125, " The OCSP server returned an unrecognizable status " }, { 126, " The OCSP server has no status for the certificate " },. SEC_ ERROR_ OCSP_ UNAUTHORIZED_ RESPONSE: The signer of the OCSP response is not authorized to give status for this certificate. SEC_ ERROR_ OCSP_ FUTURE_ RESPONSE: The OCSP response is not yet valid ( contains a date in the future). SEC_ ERROR_ OCSP_ UNAUTHORIZED_ REQUEST = OCSP sunucusu yetkisiz olduğu gerekçesiyle bu isteği geri çevirdi. SEC_ ERROR_ OCSP_ UNKNOWN_ RESPONSE_ STATUS = OCSP sunucusu algılanamayan bir durumla karşılaştı. Formats the object into a sequence of lines with indent level information. The return value is a list where each list item is a tuple. The first item in the tuple is an integer representing the indentation level for that line.

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    The online certificate status protocol ( OCSP) responder rejects the request as unauthorized. var err Sec OCSPResponse Nonce Mismatch : OSStatus The online certificate status protocol ( OCSP) response nonce does not match the request. You' re right, it doesn' t make sense. Never created an exception for the site. What FINALLY worked was renaming the cert8. db file in the profile folder so FF could. You got error SEC_ ERROR_ OCSP_ UNAUTHORIZED_ RESPONSE The error message you cited suggests that the built- in client sent the OCSP request and received the response, and. · For a couple of weeks, we had wrestled with a sec_ error_ ocsp_ unauthorized_ request error on our site in Firefox. The error only appeared intermittently and. Stack Exchange network consists of 174 Q& A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. · CA/ Forbidden or Problematic Practices. such as SEC_ ERROR_ OCSP_ UNAUTHORIZED_ REQUEST or SEC_ ERROR. The OCSP server has refused this request as unauthorised. Error code: SEC_ ERROR_ OCSP_ UNAUTHORIZED_ REQUEST The page you are trying to view cannot be shown. Error code: sec_ error_ ocsp_ unauthorized_ request) This seems to only be a problem in Firefox.

    It works fine in Chrome,. SSL Problem: OCSP Error In Firefox. The example code CMC. cpp shows a more complete example for creating an EFS request. Creating a CMC Request for Private Key Archival. The use of the CMC request format allows for additional information to be included in the certificate request as unauthenticated attributes. Hi, I would like to know what configurations to do on OCSP client on windows 7 to do certificate validation using OCSP alone. I am using the API CertGetCertificateChain( ) to facilaitate OCSP check. Online Certificate Status Protocol ( OCSP) has largely replaced the use of CRLs to check SSL Certificate revocation. Instead of downloading a potentially large list of revoked certificates in a CRL, a client can simply query the issuing CA' s OCSP server using the certificate' s serial number and receive a response indicating if the certificate is. SEC_ ERROR_ OCSP_ UNAUTHORIZED_ REQUEST= The OCSP server has refused this request as unauthorized. SEC_ ERROR_ OCSP_ UNKNOWN_ RESPONSE_ STATUS= The OCSP server returned an unrecognizable status. SEC_ ERROR_ OCSP_ UNKNOWN_ CERT= The OCSP server has no status for the certificate.

    · Why are there two versions of Udisks? They both have identical descriptions. Is it safe to remove one? ( Error code: sec_ error_ ocsp_ unauthorized_ request). The OCSP connection, like standard HTTP connections, made by Firefox may be affected by addons, notably ad blockers. To verify the issue, take the normal path of disabling the addons, and then once the addon is identified, leave it enabled and disable the ad blocking subscriptions, to narrow the cause. When I tried to open my router' s administrative dashboard today in Firefox I received a secure connection failure. It notified me that the OSCP server refused the request as unauthorized, and provided me only with options to try again. I was used to get options to override certificate issues in the. Web resources about - Invalid OCSP signing certificate in OCSP response - mozilla.

    policy Certificate of Entitlement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia On, the then transportation unit of Singapore' s Public Works Department ( PWD) instituted a quota limit to vehicles called the COE. public static final int SEC_ ERROR_ CRL_ BAD_ SIGNATURE. OCSP_ UNAUTHORIZED_ REQUEST. This is called from the native code callback when it does a verify on the cert. SEC_ ERROR_ OCSP_ REQUEST_ NEEDS_ SIG: The OCSP server requires a signature on this request. SEC_ ERROR_ OCSP_ UNAUTHORIZED_ REQUEST: The OCSP server has refused this request as unauthorized. SEC_ ERROR_ OCSP_ UNKNOWN_ RESPONSE_ STATUS: The OCSP server returned an unrecognizable status. For reporting web pages that need to be upgraded to support web standards and Gecko- based browsers. And for reporting add- ons that exhibit common problems that make Firefox run sub- optimally. OCSP_ request_ sign ( OCSP_ REQUEST * req, X509 * signer, EVP_ PKEY * key, const EVP_ MD * dgst, STACK_ OF* certs, unsigned long flags) int OCSP_ response_ status ( OCSP_ RESPONSE * resp).

    79: I Keep Getting A Msg For Fanfiction. Net It Says Invalid Ocsp Signing Certifice In Ocsp Response 7a I went on today to browse fanfiction. net website but could not due to the following message: I am using firefox 34. com site works for me with Firefox 29 on Linux, so this must be an issue on your side. The Live Http Headers extension shows some requests to evsecure- ocsp. This interim response indicates that everything so far is OK and that the client should continue with the request or ignore it if it is already finished. 101 Switching Protocol This code is sent in response to an Upgrade request header by the client, and indicates the protocol the server is. We' re seeing the same issue. After upgrading to u31, we observe the following: 1) When launching a jnlp page with. jar files properly signed with a code signing certificate, the splash page appears, then disappears. Invalid OCSP signing certificate in OCSP response. Unauthorized OCSP response error from user' s default OCSP responder. ( Error code: sec_ err_ untrusted_ issuer). Home > sec error > sec error Sec Error " Secure Connection. Firefox Editing Tools Article Discussion Edit Article Translate Article Show Translations What Links.

    You are currently viewing a snapshot of www. org taken on April 21,. Most of this content is highly out of date ( some pages haven' t been updated since the project began in 1998) and exists for historical purposes only. This seems to only be a problem in Firefox. Hi LarsEspid, welcome to the forum. Where are you seeing this? I have Firefox latest and I see no SSL errors. Verisign OCSP responder says " unauthorized request" for apparently valid SSL server cert. SEC_ ERROR_ OCSP_ UNAUTHORIZED_ REQUEST = Serverul OCSP a refuzat această cerere ca fiind neautorizată. SEC_ ERROR_ OCSP_ UNKNOWN_ RESPONSE_ STATUS = Serverul OCSP a returnat o stare necunoscută.